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Several years ago I took part in a twenty-year reunion at one of the first radio stations I ever worked at. At one point in the evening, the former managing director of the station came over to me and with a smile handed me a folded-up, crinkled piece of paper with handwriting on it. This is what it said:

I will be a millionaire by the age of 30!

Just below that was my signature. Suddenly it all came back to me. Some years ago, I was having a ‘creative difference’ with that managing director. It’s fair to say I was a rather cocky young man, and I got into a prolonged discussion in which I told him how I knew best and how hugely successful I was going to be.

In the midst of the argument, I declared to him that I would be a millionaire by the time I was 30.

Even I was surprised at the boldness of my declaration, but he just laughed and said, ‘We’ll see – let’s have a sportsman’s bet.’ I wrote it down on the piece of paper and signed it – the same piece of paper he had kept and showed me that night.

I was indeed a millionaire by 30, but not just because I wrote it down. I became a millionaire because for the next ten years I imagined it from every angle, over and over and over again.

All the rich thinkers have one thing in common – a rich, clear vision of what they want to create in their lives and in the world.

What do you truly want?

Your life can become as rich as you are willing to imagine it. Set your imagination high and free, because it takes the same amount of energy to visualize a parking space as it does to visualize a beautiful new car to go in it.

So … if you could only succeed, what would you go for? Trust the power of your creative mind. Remember every great scientific innovation, medical miracle, song, painting, movie, poem and political movement started as just an idea in someone’s creative imagination. The richer your thoughts, the more powerfully creative your imagination gets to be.

You have 50,000 thoughts a day – you might as well make them big ones. – Donald Trump

When I work with a client, the first and most important question I ask is: ‘What do you want?’ Whether they answer ‘to quit smoking’ or ‘to lose weight’ or ‘to earn millions’, the next question I ask is always the same:

What do you want it for?

People want what they want for a variety of reasons. Some people want to have money because they think it will give them ‘security’; others want it because they think it will buy them ‘freedom’. Still others want a sense of ‘power’ or ‘achievement’ or ‘success’.

Each one of these words represents your highest values – the things that are important to you and bring a sense of meaning and richness to your life.

If all you did was achieve your goals without fulfilling your values, your success would be empty and chances are your life would feel hollow and you would feel empty on the inside. You might have money, but you certainly would not feel rich.

When you imagine what you would like to have in your richer life, I want you to notice if it makes you feel really good to think about it. If it doesn’t, be more creative.

When you focus on living your values each day, you are not only more likely to reach your goals, you are more likely to enjoy your life. As you live your values, your life becomes richer and richer.

So let’s begin to explore both your vision and your values …


  1. Imagine that it’s five years from today and your life is filled with the most wonderful things imaginable. Your life is truly rich in every way! Write a paragraph or two about what has happened in each of the following areas:
  • Health
  • Career
  • Finances
  • Relationships
  • Spirituality
  • Lifestyle
  1. Go back through each paragraph you have written and circle, underline or highlight each key goal or milestone that emerged.
  1. Now, for each of the major goals or milestones you have identified, ask yourself: ‘What do I want this for? What will having this give me?’

Your answers should be just a few words long – things like ‘a feeling of joy‘, ‘a sense of achievement‘, ‘freedom‘ or ‘making a contribution‘.

  1. Repeat this exercise as often as possible over the next 4 weeks. You can play with different time frames (i.e. 6 months from now, 10 years, etc.) and different categories (i.e. ‘business success’, ‘leaving a legacy’, ‘family’, etc.).

Each time you do, different things will emerge. Over time, you will notice a core set of goals and values appear again and again – these are the ones that you will use to create your rich vision of the future in the exercises that follow.

Each time you run through this exercise, you are programming that genius computer inside your mind to begin creating what it is that you want in order to live a rich life. Now, we will begin to automate the process so that you can move towards your rich life every single day.

Time for a change

Simply by having taken the time to think through your goals and values, your life will begin to improve. We are now going to use the power of your subconscious mind to take the whole game to another level.

All rich thinkers are firm believers in the power of intention – our ability to focus our minds on a vision of the future and unleash an unstoppable force within ourselves for its achievement.

We are now going to begin the process of programming your mind to pursue what you want with greater intention than ever before.

The first step in doing this is to begin to become aware of your brain’s own unique way of representing time.

Without thinking about it, use your hand point to the direction you associate with the future. Do it now.

Next, point to the past. Again, no thinking – just point!

Now, notice the direction that time moves for you. Does the future extend out in front of you with the past behind you? Or is the past on the left and the future on the right?

There are no right or wrong answers – however your brain codes time is perfect for you. As you do the following exercise, you will become even more clear about your own internal ‘timeline’ ..


  1. Think of something that you do each day, like cleaning your teeth or having your breakfast. When you picture yourself doing that tomorrow, is the image in front of you, to the right, or to the left? How far away is it? Point to it now …
  1. Next, think about doing the same activity next week. Is the picture further to the right or to the left? In front of you or behind you? Closer or further away? Once again, point to where you ‘see’ the image in your mind. What about last week? Where do you picture doing that same activity one week ago? 
  1. Now think about doing the same activity one month into the future: Is the picture closer or further away? More to the right or the left? In front or behind? Higher or lower? What about one month ago, in the past? Where do you picture having done that same activity then?
  1. Finally, imagine yourself doing that same activity six months into the future. Where is that picture – closer or further? Left or right? Higher or lower? How about six months ago – point to that image now …
  1. Imagine that all these images are connected by a line – like doing a giant ‘connect the dots’ puzzle in your mind. This is your ‘timeline’ – the way your subconscious mind represents time.

When you have a sufficiently compelling future image, all of your resources are automatically directed towards bringing that future about. And the really wonderful thing is that you will find yourself moving towards that future every single day.

For example, when I did this with a client recently, he made an image of himself sitting at dinner with his family and friends. They were all celebrating his latest success at work. There was an incredible sense of prosperity about them, like they never needed to worry about money again. They were planning their luxury holiday to the south of France and joking about how much fun they were going to have sipping champagne and soaking up the sun.

What he really enjoyed about the picture was that he seemed so grounded and happy in himself – there was a real sense of having ‘arrived’ both spiritually and materially.

In the same way, this next exercise will assist you in programming a compelling future into your subconscious mind. Used in conjunction with the hypnosis CD, it will supercharge all your efforts for success.


  1. Imagine it’s a year in the future and you have had the richest year of your life.
  • What has happened in your relationships, career, health, finances, spiritual life?
  • What new thinking and behaviors have you practiced? Who are you becoming?
  • Which of your longer-term goals have you already achieved? Which ones are already well underway? Which ones have faded into the background?
  • What is it like to live your values every single day? How have they changed and evolved? Which ones have become even more important? Which ones have faded away?
  1. Now, create an ideal scene that represents all that you most want to happen in your positive future. Make sure you can see yourself in that future looking really at ease and happy. Design your ‘ideal scene’ now. Where are you? Who are you with? What makes your life so much richer? What do you like about it most? 
  1. Take that image and put it on to your timeline one year into the future. Make sure the image is really big, bright, bold and colorful. You’ll know you’re doing it right because it feels really good just to imagine it.
  1. Next, you are going to fill in the blanks between then and now.
  • Make a slightly smaller picture and place it a few months before the big picture of what needs to happen before that.
  • Make an even smaller picture and place it a few months before that picture of what needs to happen before that.
  • Make an even smaller picture and place it a few months before that picture of what will need to happen before.

You should now have a succession of pictures connecting the present to your wonderful, happy future. The images should get progressively bigger with better and better things happening in them.

  1. Look at those pictures and let your subconscious mind lock in the road map to your richer life over the next year.
  1. Now, float up and out of your body and into each picture. Take a few moments to fully experience each step you will be taking on the path to greater success.
  1. When you get to the big picture of your ideal scene, really allow yourself to enjoy experiencing it fully. What will it be like to have everything you want?
  1. Finally, come back to the present and look out once again at your future timeline. You can feel confident in the knowledge that you have now created a map for your subconsciousness to use as a guide in bringing about the future you are longing to create!

You can repeat this exercise as often as you like. Each time you do, your future will become a little more real and your life will feel a little richer!

Frequently asked questions about ‘Creating A Rich Vision’:

Q. What if I can’t visualize? I tried to find my timeline but I felt like I was just making it up!

One of the ways we make sense of the world is through the pictures we are continually making in our imagination. For example, if I ask you to think about your front door, you can remember what it looks like – what color it is, the size, even what side the door handle is on. This is important, because otherwise you wouldn’t be able to know where you live.

You need to be able to visually imagine what things look like so you can recognize them when you see them in the real world.

These pictures in our mind have a powerful effect upon everything we do. The reason so many people feel they can’t visualize is that they expect the pictures in their imagination to be as vivid and realistic as what they see with their eyes on the outside. That is untrue, you still need to have some way of knowing what’s real and what’s imagined.

If you feel like you were just making it up, that’s fine, you’re doing the exercise perfectly. As you progress through the book and continue listening to the hypnosis CD, your ability to visualize will improve and your pictures will become clearer and clearer.

Q. I have read everything and done all the exercises. but I don’t really feel like I know what to do in order to make money. What did I miss?

Now it’s time to enter the second half of this system. It is packed with information, strategies and techniques for creating money and living a rich life. Are you ready to begin? Let’s go on.

(The end of chapter 6. To be continued…)

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